Collection of symbols and templates for rapid design and prototyping of web app layouts carefully assembled for Sketch 40+. Save 4+ weeks of work and get results fast!

– Atomic Structure
– Well Organised
– Symbols Best Practice
– Responsive and Resizable Groups
– Free Google Fonts
– Free Updates

What’s Inside?
– Alvard_wireframe_v2.sketch
– Read_me.pdf

File Structure:
Page 1. Intro: Overview of the kit.
Page 2. UI KIT: The core visual styles, including typography, color and more.
Page 3. Templates: Ready-to-use templates, based on most popular UI patterns

UI Kit:
– Colors
– Typography
– Icons
– Grid system
– Inputs
– Buttons
– Dropdowns, Time Pickers, Paginators, Sliders…
– Tabs
– Wizards, Menus
– Alerts, Hints, Notifications, Popovers, Modals
– Multiselect, Accordeons
– Data Tables
– Charts
– Filters and Toolbars
– Timelines
– Payment and Invioce
– Calendars
– WYSIWYG and Code Editor
– Pricing Tables
– Sigh up and Log In forms

– Login and Sign Up
– Dashboard
– Profiles
– Customer management
– Events
– Activity
– Application
– Settings
– E-commerce
– Statistics
– Calendars

You need to install these fonts below before editing the Sketch files:
– Open sans

Note: Hero image is used for Preview Purpose Only. It’s not a part of the template and NOT editable in the final purchase files.

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